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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I place an order? 
Ordering is simple. 6 steps for shopping made easy:

1. Please sign up for an account by registering with us. If you have already created an account please login here.
2. Once you find items(s) that you would like to purchase, add the quantity for the desired size(s) and clic k on the “add to shopping cart”
After adding the desired items,  choose view your “shopping cart”   or  “Continue Shopping
3. Once you are ready to Checkout,  click “Confirm”to update the order in “Shopping Cart”,  then “Continue Checkout”
4. Click  “Ship according to this address” to reconfirm the delivery address, .
5. Enter any coupon(s)/rebate(s) that may apply.
Select your desired Delivery Method, and Payment Method.  Click “Submit Order”.
6. Review your Order and Delivery Options, when you are ready, click “Order Submit”

2. How do I create an account?
Click on Register and it will direct you to our registration page. For more information on starting your own business, CLICK HERE .

3. Do you have promotions or extra discounts?
We offer discounts for higher volume purchases. Please visit our VIP Discount Policy; For the latest promotions and specials, Pls sign up for an account with us..

4. Do you ship internationally?
We ship world wide as long as you can receive packages via (DHL, FEDEX, UPS,TNT,EMS). Please see ourShipping Methods”for more details..

5. What if an item that is not received?

We will ship out all available inventories when available. Items that are not received probably be out-of-stock at the time of purchase,For those items out-of-stock, we will provide a schedule of replenishment . 

6. What if an item is defective? 
We provide free repair and/or exchanges for merchandise with manufacture defects. No exchanges or repairs will be provided due to merchandise damaged by negligence. Particular merchandise may not be available for immediate exchange, please allow approximately 4-5 weeks for production.

Product Related Information

1. What is rhodium plating? 

Rhodium is a precious metal, a member of the platinum family. Rhodium electroplating is used on jewelry to provide a surface that will resist scratches and enhance shine and durability.

2. What is gold ion or IP Gold (PVD)? 
Ion plating is one of the most advanced surface finishing processes in the jewelry trade today. In traditional gold plating processes, the gold coating on the surface rubs off over time. However, Ion plating makes the gold plating more durable, more wear resistant, and also has a higher luster. With proper care, gold ion plated jewelry will last for decades! Shop our IP Collection today.

3. Why should I buy stainless steel (SS 316) products? 
Stainless steel is beautiful as well as appealing. Stainless steel jewelry is durable and resistant to stains, scratches and fading. Not only is stainless steel one of the strongest metals, it also does not oxidize. In addition, stainless steel jewelry can be easily cleaned with warm water and a clean cloth, thus forgoing purchasing expensive jewelry cleaners. In addition, those who are allergic to nickel can wear stainless steel jewelry, as it is a hypoallergenic product.

4. What is Epoxy? 
Epoxy is a process similar to Enamel, however epoxy is a more cost effective process used for fashion jewelry.

5. How come the stone color of the products look different from the ones I purchased previously?
In the process of producing stones, the temperature, time length, and pressure of the crystallization may cause slight color differentiation. Normally, in the process of dying stones, color is controlled manually by human; therefore, human error may occur, as standard thickness allows 0.6% margin of error.

6. How small can your stone size be in MM? 

The smallest round cubic zirconia we produce is1 mmand for crystals is PP3.

7. Does your plating tarnish? And how long does it last? 

The lifespan of the plating depends on how the jewelry is cared for and the environment. For example, moisture, temperature, and sweat can all affect lifespan of the plating. Our plating is real rhodium; rhodium is considered a precious metal, at times more expensive than than other metals. Unlike other manufacturers who use rhodium substitutes, DC1989 uses higher qualities of German ingredients. The plating on our jewelry lasts much longer than most manufacturers. In addition, we use thicker amount plating on the jewelry, which lasts longer.

8. What type of alloy does your company use? 

We use Copper alloy , Zinc alloy and Tin alloy. 

9. On your stainless steel, there’s a 316 engraved on the inside of the rings. What does 316 mean and why is it magnetic? And how is it different from316L? 
Different types of stainless steel are made of different combinations of alloys and have different magnetic properties. For example, the stainless steel used for utensils is magnetic, but a stainless steel sink is not. Specific to jewelry products, surgical steel is diamagnetic (a non-magnetic property,316L), while stainless steel, as used in our stainless steel products, is paramagnetic (a magnetic property, 316). 

The main difference between these two types of stainless steel is amount of carbon that is in the material. Carbon is non-metal element in stainless steel that is magnetic. The carbon content of316Lis .03 max, while 316 has .08 max carbon content.316Lsurgical steel is used in our stainless steel products before casting, however during the casting process, the carbon content is increased during melting. So, cumulatively the melting process adds to the overall magnetism of the material. Thus, we label our stainless steel products 316 stainless steel (not316L) to note the difference.

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